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The Glory of the VBAC

The day i joined the VBAC club everybody knew about it. I may as well have been flying the banner and wearing the t-shirt. Well why not? It did rank up there amongst my greatest achievements ever. To declare myself a VBAC glory-hunter is perhaps a bit O.T.T. But then again, why am I writing this blog?

After the birth of my first daughter by caesarean section, I felt robbed of the primordial call to nature that women experience during childbirth the “old-fashioned” way. I mean, what had I actually done to deserve the precious, ready-to-go baby that was handed to me by blue sanitised gloves from behind a curtain? For all the hours of practice breathing and psychological workouts, I didn’t even break a sweat. The stork may as well have brought her for all I did. Apparently this is insanely normal. Continue reading “The Glory of the VBAC”