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Love Untold

It’s February 14th.

It’s February 14th…and?

It’s February 14th and Cupid has well and truly landed in our house. Sadly, he didn’t land on my lap [apparently I have more than enough strings on my bow]. And surprisingly enough, he didn’t land amid the bills in today’s post. Instead, his arrow was pointing firmly in the direction of Esther. She’s only gone and found herself love. And it’s love of the “true” kind obviously. All at the tender age of four and three-quarters.

It didn’t happen overnight. Two sensitive little souls found each other across the hustle and bustle of a crowded classroom and became best of friends. Friendship progressed into courtship and after the three-day rule [of course], courtship turned into love. Young love. Not just playful playground antics and a quick peck behind the wendy-house.  No, this has sparked a chemistry of the most pure and perfect kind. Refreshingly uncontaminated, unadulterated and uncomplicated, this is a simple, un-explained kind of love.

And indeed unfettered by the shackles that grown-up love or lust [or both] endures, it is a joy to watch this love-struck, starry-eyed pair playing at Romeo and Juliet on the school run. Determined and deliberate in purpose, she seeks out his luminous green jacket from afar. And with precocious predictability, they then run towards each other and embrace. At 8.47am. Every day. In fact, so bewitched have they become, the wedding is already decided and [after much persuasion not to wear jeans and a grubby top] Esther’s dress tastelessly picked. Mummy and daddy are invited [thanks very much] and with fish fingers and chips on the menu, we’d better start saving now.

But painfully, the course of true love never did run smooth [@Shakespeare Midsummer Night’s Dream 1:2]. Tainted by tragic love affairs gone wrong, bruised and battered by earth-shattering betrayals and unbalanced by too many unrequited loves, you and me both know this so well. So who’s going to break it to them that this, their first love, may not be forever? Hands up who wants to crush this innocuous innocence and shatter these schoolboy illusions? [Pause] I didn’t think so.

Apparently love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. Something these four year olds seem to grasp better than their elders.

This childish love is a special love.

A love we don’t hear about very often.

A love untold.

Does my scale of normality mean anything to you?

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