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Dad on Tour

Further to Mum's period of short release from the shackles of the kitchen sink, the clock had been reset and the points had begun clocking up again for.... ooh, all of about 36 days. 1,642 lie-ins and countless curry nights/football matches/boys' nights later, his time had come. Yet again. Sold on the premise of a "work… Continue reading Dad on Tour

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Teng Ai (疼爱) – On Loving You

Loving you comes not without its complications. It's hard. You're a challenge. But it's impossible not to love you. You're funny, really funny.  And charismatic. You have that cute nose twitch. And you give great hugs. Did I ever tell you how much I love you? Silly me, of course I did. Do. Regularly. On… Continue reading Teng Ai (疼爱) – On Loving You