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The Inanimate Love Triangle

He's not the jealous type. My old man. But last week I suspected that something was meddling in my marriage. A third party. Regrettably not another man and thankfully not the mother-in-law, this "third party" [AKA my guilty pleasure] had surreptitiously stolen its way into the holy matrimony and eloped with my heart and soul, body… Continue reading The Inanimate Love Triangle

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At One Today

I must have blinkedBecause a year has gone byAnd I didn't noticeYou change.Apparently it's normalTo be sentimental -Emotional even,On a day like today. A momentous day like today.Your big day.But I'm not emotional becauseYou're the beloved babyWe thought we'd never have.What's there to be emotional about?But still -Can somebody wake me upBecause a year has passedAnd… Continue reading At One Today

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Mum and Dad on Tour

The points had been clocking up for just over three years. 1,095 "I'll go/you go" school-run squabbles and innumerable nappy-changing arguments later, the time had finally come.  In honour of a rather large pending birthday, Mum and Dad were about to spend some QT together. As a couple. Ditching our generic titles in favour of Mr and… Continue reading Mum and Dad on Tour