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Homework Hell

Last night I had a dream. Actually, it was more of a nightmare. It wasn’t one of my biannual titanic/terrorist/tsunami nightmares though. There was no crash….bang…..or water.  But it was a nightmare, all the same. A nightmare that made my heart race. A nightmare that made me sweat. Sweating… as if I had something to be ashamed of.  And it played out something like this:

I needed to do something. Something serious. And that something, which I just could not sum up, had to be sorted by 9am the following day. But it was only after what felt like 7 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds of somnial soul searching, that this certain something revealed itself to me, in an abysmally anticlimactic way, before waking me up. To a retrospective sigh of relief. Continue reading “Homework Hell”