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She has poise. She has patience. She has precision. Her eyes twitch. Her fingers itch.  And at 18 months, she has all the particulars. Of an addict.  Who can blame her? Exposed from within utero, this crack baby knows no different. Weaned on whirls and swirls of kaleidoscope colour and surging sound, her senses are smashed. Mashed. Hashed.… Continue reading iCrack

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F4 Revisited

[Sequel to Half The Woman I was hoping never to see you again. But that was wishful thinking. And sadly it's no surprise when your indelible imprint remains true to form - Bed for bed, curtain for curtain - Further confirmation that life is fragile, precious. The doors to F4 swing open And your walls are… Continue reading F4 Revisited