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She has poise. She has patience. She has precision.

Her eyes twitch. Her fingers itch. 

And at 18 months, she has all the particulars.

Of an addict. 

Who can blame her?

Exposed from within utero, this crack baby knows no different.

Weaned on whirls and swirls of kaleidoscope colour and surging sound, her senses are smashed.

Mashed. Hashed.

She’s a habitual user, bypassing anything age appropriate and heading directly to the drug. She binges out with short intense hits and bombs out with monstrously morose melt-downs.

Who can blame her?

Her parents are no different.

With the latest gear glued to our fingertips, pulsating in our pockets, it’s become part of our modern-day neurological wiring. A local anaesthetic that alleviates moments of boredom and allows moments of pleasure. A connector that all too easily disconnects us from each other.

She has the point. She has the patter. She has the power.

She’s 18 months and already she can’t live without the Apple of her eye.

My baby’s started young.

My baby.

My iBaby.


Does my scale of normality mean anything to you?

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