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A day in the life of you

I often think how charming it must be to be you. A playful and usually petty challenge, you know how to woo your way out of anything with a tilt of the head and a flash of that cheeky, tooth-filled smile. Sometimes, often, always you have the ability to dissipate my despair and alleviate my anger with just a whisper of your soft, sweet, velvety tones. A melt-in-the mouth moment that you pull off. Every time.


I often think how straightforward it must be to be you. A tiny fish in a pond of titanic proportion, yet you still have the capacity to live your life unfettered by the shackles of what is real or normal, right or wrong for everyone else around you. Your troubles are transient, your battles are boldly beaten. You don’t need to speak with subtleties of tongue. Your vision is skin-deep, your hearing unashamedly selective. And there you are. Unaffected, unfazed and undeterred by it all. A bastion of simple and straightforward truth. Understood or not. It doesn’t matter for now.


I often think how exhilarating it must feel to be you. Surrounded by a tornado of temptation, only you can touch, taste, feel and play with blissful abandon. Hungry, ambitious, excitable, determined – everything falls within your pioneering reach. Life is invigorating and intoxicating. It knows no bounds.  And sometimes, often, always I can’t help but envy your reckless naivety and inconsequential disregard. Carefree, guilt-free, footloose and fancy-free.


I often imagine how liberating it would be to swap with you. Just for a day. An once in a lifetime chance to escape the binding regularities of adulthood and have a fling with childish revelry. An opportunity to relinquish the grown-up concerns that are routine and responsibility and to toy with life with infantile indifference. You see, sometimes it’s tiring being an adult. And so I’d benefit from a day off. A wander in your park. A jaunt in your playground. A day in the life of you.

Today I’m going to be a child again. I’m going to swing so high I can touch the sky.


Does my scale of normality mean anything to you?

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