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High School Reunion

You know you're getting on when you receive an invitation to attend your High School Reunion. But this wasn't just any old invitation. It wasn't simply for a quick catch up and some snapchat selfies over coffee. This was for the Mother of all Reunions: The 20 Year Biggie. A chance to reconnect, reminisce and… Continue reading High School Reunion

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Mothering Sunday: The T’s and C’s

It's that time of year again. Another day to commemorate something or other incredibly meaningful. But this time it's not International Day of Happiness (that was last week apparently), World Health Day (that's next week, if you're interested), or Global Wind Day (this one's in June, if you celebrate making wind). No, today is all about… Continue reading Mothering Sunday: The T’s and C’s

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Tune in, cop out

Tonight I need to immerse myself in shit. Not shit of the wallowing kind just the usual trash on TV. I thought I should make it clear because I sense that you're struggling to let go. The kids are asleep, the washing in piles. It's not that i'm tired - I don't even have a… Continue reading Tune in, cop out

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Baby Brain Breakdown

Today I needed rescuing. Day two of my first working week post baby. And already I needed rescuing. It has it's advantages. Being a woman in a man's world. But not so when your recently deflated baby-boobs are bobbing beneath your belly-button and your small-talk consists solely of baby babble followed by: "Did I show you the… Continue reading Baby Brain Breakdown