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65 Reasons

You don't swear. Apparently it's unbecoming of a lady. So when on the odd occasion you do blaspheme, we know it's serious. It really must be serious, For Mums don't swear. Or at least, we're not supposed to.  And certainly not in public. So that would explain why my propensity towards off-loading shit in a… Continue reading 65 Reasons

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At One Today

I must have blinkedBecause a year has gone byAnd I didn't noticeYou change.Apparently it's normalTo be sentimental -Emotional even,On a day like today. A momentous day like today.Your big day.But I'm not emotional becauseYou're the beloved babyWe thought we'd never have.What's there to be emotional about?But still -Can somebody wake me upBecause a year has passedAnd… Continue reading At One Today