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A day in the life of you

I often think how charming it must be to be you. A playful and usually petty challenge, you know how to woo your way out of anything with a tilt of the head and a flash of that cheeky, tooth-filled smile. Sometimes, often, always you have the ability to dissipate my despair and alleviate my anger with just a whisper of your soft, sweet, velvety tones. A melt-in-the mouth moment that you pull off. Every time.

Charming. Continue reading “A day in the life of you”

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Love Untold

It’s February 14th.

It’s February 14th…and?

It’s February 14th and Cupid has well and truly landed in our house. Sadly, he didn’t land on my lap [apparently I have more than enough strings on my bow]. And surprisingly enough, he didn’t land amid the bills in today’s post. Instead, his arrow was pointing firmly in the direction of Esther. She’s only gone and found herself love. And it’s love of the “true” kind obviously. All at the tender age of four and three-quarters. Continue reading “Love Untold”