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Smothering Mumday

Have you gone a-mothering today? Chances are you haven’t. And never will. Unless of course, you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian, who has returned to the church in which you were baptised, for a commemorative Laetare Sunday service? Or perhaps you are a domestic servant who has been granted a whole day off to visit church with your mother and other family members? Now that’s more like it. Well, the domestic servant bit. Continue reading “Smothering Mumday”

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Teng Ai (疼爱) – On Loving You

Loving you comes not without its complications.

It’s hard. You’re a challenge.

But it’s impossible not to love you.

You’re funny, really funny.  And charismatic. You have that cute nose twitch. And you give great hugs. Did I ever tell you how much I love you? Silly me, of course I did.


Regularly. Continue reading “Teng Ai (疼爱) – On Loving You”

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The Mummy v Me Wars

It came as a huge shock. The first time my baby girl uttered the word “Mummy”.

Unresponsive [in fact, completely oblivious] at first, it eventually hit me and in a most cliche way, I even went as far as a double-take. As odd as it may sound [and it’s not as if I hadn’t been called a multitude of names prior], this was my rude awakening. This precious little being was talking to none other than me. Myself. And I.

Nothing could prepare me for this moment. Quick to learn that selective hearing doesn’t wash with tenacious toddlers, I had no choice but to respond. With zeal. Continue reading “The Mummy v Me Wars”